The Visualise Tour: Live in Concert

The Visualise Tour: Live in Concert was Filmed during The Visualise Tour on 24th July 2005 at the Sydney Superdome, the DVD was released through Sony BMG on 13th November 2005. It debuted at #1 in Australia and was certified platinum four times.

  1. “Butterfly”
  2. “Mistaken Identity”
  3. “Lost Without You”
  4. “A Little Too Late”
  5. “Not Me, Not I”
  6. “Will You Fall for Me”
  7. “The Analyst”
  8. “Throw It Away” (interlude)
  9. “Predictable”
  10. “Longer”
  11. “Electric Storm”
  12. “Born to Try”
  13. “Last Night on Earth”
  14. “Fragile”
  15. “Almost Here” (duet with Brian McFadden)
  16. “Flying Without Wings” (duet with Brian McFadden)
  17. “Miscommunication” (interlude)
  18. “I Feel the Earth Move”
  19. “I Don’t Care”
  20. “Are You Gonna Be My Boy”
  21. “A Year Ago Today” (Video interlude)
  22. “Extraordinary Day”
  23. “Be Strong”
  24. “Out of the Blue”
  25. “Innocent Eyes”

Special features

  • Tour documentary
  • Concert videos:
  1. “The Analyst”
  2. “Here I Am” (montage)
  3. “A Year Ago Today” (extended montage)
  • “Be Strong” (music video)
  • Photo gallery