Back in 2015 Delta & Boy Band Human Nature made the perfect pair as they came together for a special collaboration of the Christmas classic, ‘Let It Snow.’ I have updated the gallery with 430 HD screen captures of Delta from the music video.

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Music > Music Videos > Other > Let It Snow (With Human Nature)
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I have updated the gallery with 9 MQ photos from a shoot Delta did for Hello Darling Salon in 2017.

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Photoshoots > Other > Hello Darling Salon Photoshoot
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The gallery has been updated with 11 HQ outtakes of a photoshoot Delta did for People Magazine in 2008 which appeared in one of the July issues.

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Photoshoots > Magazines & Publications > 2008 > People Magazine July 2008
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Delta appeared in the June 2018 InStyle Australia’s “Women of Style” Issue. They used a photo from the shoot of the May issue in which Delta had the cover. 2 scans from the magazine have been added to the gallery.

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Magazines & Publications > 2018 > InStyle Australia June 2018
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The gallery has been updated with 3 sets of HQ/MQ candids from June.

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Candids > 2018 > Apartment Hunting In Sydney
Candids > 2018 > Departing Sydney Airport
Candids > 2018 > Running Errands In Sydney
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After having a small break from my fansites I have a lot of photos to upload from June. Starting with the Stellar magazine photoshoot from the start of June. I have added 6 HQ photos from the shoot.

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Photoshoots > Magazines & Publications > 2018 > Stellar Magazine June 2018
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