Delta’s new Album ‘I Honestly Love You’ is to be released on Friday 11th May & can be pre-ordered now. The album is a soundtrack for the upcoming mini-series Olivia: Hopelessly Devoted To You & features 2 duets with Olivia Newton-John. The track ‘Love Is A Gift’ is available to download or listen to immediately. Click here to Pre-order: I Honestly Love You

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The gallery has been updated with photos from Olivia: Hopelessly Devoted To You & they include HD screen captures from the teaser clip, HQ soundtrack cover art & 4 HQ production stills.

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The gallery has been updated with the photoshoot/cover/advertising for Delta’s single ‘Think about You’. There are 15 HQ/MQ photos.

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Photoshoots > Albums & Singles > Think About You
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Heaps of controversy & tabloid trash have surrounded & been written about Delta playing Olivia Newton-John in the upcoming miniseries Olivia: Hopelessly Devoted to You especially about what Olivia has said herself about the whole thing. Olivia is on the cover of the May issue of ‘The Australian Women’s Weekly & the interview touched on the miniseries:

There is also a movie of my life that’s been made in Australia with Delta Goodrem playing me,” she grimaces, referring to the Channel Seven biopic, Olivia Newton-John Hopelessly Devoted To You. “I probably won’t watch it. When they told me they were doing it, I was horrified, because despite the fact I’m well known, I’m kind of private and my private life, even though it gets into the papers, is not something that I want to talk about. I worry about the people in my life. It’s not their fault they were married to me or were my boyfriend, so I didn’t want it to happen. But then I realised it was going to happen whether I wanted it to or not. So I decided to make something positive out of the negative and I asked that any money that would come to me would go to my hospital so that way I can do it and feel I care about it. “I love Delta. I think she’s a really good actress and a great singer so that made it okay, because we’re friends. In the beginning, she called me and asked, ‘Shall I do it or not?’ First I said, ‘I’m not sure,’ and then I said, ‘Oh, you do it’. “I haven’t read it and I don’t know how accurate it is because it’s a movie and people weren’t there at every moment of my life but the money will go to the hospital so some good has come of it.” – Excerpt from “Olivia Newton-John: Don’t Stop Believing”, The Australian Women’s Weekly May 2018

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Delta features on the cover of the Australian InStyle magazine for May 2018. Scans from the magazine & the photoshoot have been added to the gallery. Please note that with magazines I go for quality not size, you may find them elsewhere twice the size but the quality is lower.

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Welcome to Delta Goodrem Source formally known as Delta Goodrem Gallery. Please bare with me as I get the photos re-uploaded into the gallery & get all the other sections up & running.

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